Leadership Coaching and Organizational Consulting

Charney Coaching & Consulting LLC works in partnership with individuals, leaders, teams and organizations to provide strategic, organizational, and operational consulting and coaching. We focus on enriching team performance, coupled with the ongoing support of both emerging and experienced leaders through one-on-one coaching, which we provide in systematic ways using tools and techniques that are both simple and powerful.

Our approach helps organizations to remove barriers and gain clarity about how to achieve goals and create real, sustainable impact. Working along with you as your “thought partner” we engage in conversation, explore possibilities, unlock your potential and help you achieve the clarity you need to create sustainable and positive change both for your organization and for yourself as a leader.

Our intention at Charney Coaching & Consulting LLC is to hold the space for you to explore those options, discover the pace that will enable you to clearly see what is possible and reach your own place of clarity, growth and results.

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