Leadership Coaching and Development

Are your established and emerging leaders capable of leading in complex, diverse, geographically dispersed and multicultural environments? Are they able to maximize the strengths and values of each team member?

Human organizations are challenged with monumental and accelerated change.  Results can be achieved through leaders who value the natural diversity of leadership styles and the talents of the teams they lead.  All leaders can use support in learning how their own styles impact those they lead and the results desired.

The Coaching Relationship

Charney Coaching & Consulting provides leadership and team coaching resulting in transformational and impactful change. Our process affords leaders and teams at all levels the means to explore and unlock their potential, deepen confidence and capability, focus intentionality of language and action and, ultimately, improve personal and business results.

Leading transformational and impactful change requires leaders and teams to personally shift. Leaders must act, lead and model new behaviors to produce new and different results. Both leaders and their teams must adopt new ways of building relationships, developing trust, having conversations and engaging in work.

Leaders who have worked with a coach have discovered:

  • Renewed energy and deep awareness of their strengths
  • New ways to be in relationship and conversation with their managers, peers and team members
  • Stronger relationships with customers and colleagues
  • New insights of behaviors and mindsets that result in positive impact

Our Approach

Our leadership coaching and development partnership, through one-on-one meetings and in-between practice, follows a process that:

  • Discovers and identifies leadership needs and goals
  • Co-creates a plan that will achieve goals
  • Administers assessments to understand leadership strengths and style
  • Creates a custom plan or roadmap to follow throughout the coaching engagement
  • Discovers, practices, and assesses newly learned leadership skills
  • Meets, either in person or virtually, to resolve challenges or roadblocks that may emerge, and to celebrate achievements
  • Evaluates results and creates an ongoing plan for continued success