A Coach’s New Year’s Intentions

It’s a new year, and with the changing calendar we have the opportunity to reflect upon our intentions for the work we do. Whether you are a coach or a client, looking at how we engage with our relationships, with others and with ourselves in a new, fresh way can reap outcomes beyond what we anticipate.

The Top 3 New Year’s Intentions I offer are a start. I invite you to set aside some time on your own to reflect and discover what’s most important for you. For now…here’s my Top 3 list:

New Year’s Intention #1:  Listen Attentively.

Keen, attentive listening to what is – what our body is telling us, what our inner spirit is telling us, what we’ve heard in the past – is core to the work that we do. Quiet your mind and be attentive, not only to what you explicitly hear, but also to what you hear within the space where your thoughts exist. There are new insights to discover and to learn that form in that space: next to, underneath, and above what is actually being said or heard. Suggestions for reflection are:

  • What am I hearing?
  • What keeps coming up for me?
  • What am I pretending not to hear?
  • What resonates for me?

New Year’s Intention #2:  Follow Generously.

Be generous with yourself and others with what you discover, and be open to the “newness” that may emerge. Practice following new discoveries with a beginner’s mind, one that is curious and playful, and eschews judgment or expectation. What you notice and what comes up for you may feel awkward, like a child learning how to ride a bicycle – wobbly and unsure. Allow yourself to be open to the newness and be in a place of reflection and consideration of what might show up for you. Suggestions for reflection are:

  • What am I noticing?
  • What is here that is new?
  • What possibilities do I see?
  • What am I open to showing up for me?

New Year’s Intention #3:  Act Boldly.

We live in choice and taking action in a bold, new way can change everything. Perhaps fear of an unknown outcome has held you back from taking action in the past. If you weren’t afraid of the outcome, what might you have done? Listen attentively to what your spirit, body, emotions and mind are telling you. Take a bold step to overcome barriers that may have held you back in the past. Take steps to silence the voice – within yourself or others – that may be telling you that you “can’t”. Find a pace that feels right for you and make your way towards the shifts you’d like to achieve in your life. Suggestions for reflection are:

  • How important is this for me?
  • What does bold action look like for me?
  • If I had a choice, what would I do?
  • If I achieve this, what will I have?
  • How will I know that I reached my goal?

One final thought:  I purposely talk about New Year’s intentions rather than resolutions. For me, resolutions tend to be chores that we impose on ourselves, something outside ourselves, perhaps showing up as a bulleted list taped to our refrigerator.  Intentions, however, come alive in our consciousness and become plans for discovery and growth. What are your intentions for 2011?

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